Station A's data-driven approach to commercial decarbonization

At the latest BNEF Summit, our Head of Product Manos Saratsis unpacks Station A's approach to helping businesses get clean energy projects off the ground.

Written by Manos Saratsis on
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Station A Marketplace Insights for Spring '23

What’s the value of running a competitive RFP process for your commercial solar project? On average $668K. Here are our other top findings from the last 2 years of Station A Marketplace activity.

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How we're leveraging the latest in AI to scale climate action for every building

Station A Head of Engineering, Jeremy Lucas, breaks down how Station A is leveraging recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI), namely vision transformers, to scale the process of evaluating clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

Written by Jeremy Lucas on
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Station A and partner to simplify decarbonization

Station A has partnered with to offer each other’s clients more options to easily evaluate and finance onsite renewable energy projects.

Written by Richard Ling on
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Launching Station A Portfolios

Today we’re offering beta access to Station A Portfolios, the latest evolution of our automated clean energy evaluation tools.

Written by The Station A Team on
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Rooftop or carport solar? How to choose the right option for your business

We break down the key details to consider when you are evaluating these technologies for your commercial or industrial onsite clean energy needs.

Written by Colin Schimmelfing on
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Partnering with e-Mission Control

We've partnered with e-Mission Control (eMC) to help Station A customers take advantage of clean fuel based incentive programs where owners and operators of electric fleets get paid for charging their equipment.

Written by Richard Ling on
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Expected impact of NEM 3.0 on California's solar market

Michelle Davis, Principal Analyst at Wood Mackenzie, outlines how California's NEM 3.0 policy is expected to impact the solar and battery storage markets.

Written by Kevin Berkemeyer on
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How California solar buyers can respond to NEM 3.0

We cover the details of the new NEM 3.0 policies and recommendations for how you can act to take advantage of the current policy before the new changes take effect.

Written by Albert Ching on
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How to install renewable energy across your building portfolio at scale

Property owners of all types and sizes stand to benefit from installing onsite clean energy, but implementation is slow. Let's talk about why that is and how to fix it.

Written by Richard Ling on
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