Floating Solar - What it is, how much it costs, and when to choose it

Learn about floating solar: its benefits, costs, and when to choose it. Is it just a flash in the pan? Does it make financial sense? Will it work for your site?

Written by Colin Schimmelfing on
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The Provider Profile makes proposal submissions 20% faster

Introducing the Provider Profile, a new feature that streamlines the proposal submission process by allowing you to comprehensively enter your company's information upfront. Information about a provider's experience, qualifications, and services is now permanently stored in the Provider Profile, a repository of information that is stored for all members of a provider's organization.

Written by Callie Smith on
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The science behind creating automated predictions of solar project profitability

Station A’s principal software engineer Christian Czezatke breaks down how we model a building’s energy supply, demand and costs, using only an address, to pinpoint which commercial and industrial buildings stand to generate an optimal financial return from an onsite solar project.

Written by Christian Czezatke on

How to build a faster, simpler clean energy Request for Proposals (RFP)

Finding the right commercial solar provider with the best price remains a persistent hurdle in developing an onsite solar project. Building owners and clean energy providers need a way to transact more seamlessly. For the past three years, Station A has been striving to build the most robust digital RFP process so buyers can easily source competitive proposals from a large pool of trusted providers.

Written by Richard Ling on
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Introducing Station A Clean Energy Grades 2.0

This next evolution in our grades simplifies the picture for property owners looking to decarbonize their sites based on financial viability. Giving buyers reliable estimates of a commercial building's clean energy potential.

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Station A partners with Zeigo Activate by Schneider Electric to help small and medium-sized enterprises decarbonize operations faster

Station A has joined Zeigo Activate by Schneider Electric to help SMEs find their best options for decarbonizing operations and turn renewable roadmaps into viable projects.

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How we're looking to accelerate climate action with good design

VIDEO INTERVIEW - Station A Co-founder and Head of Product, Manos Saratsis, at the latest BNF summit in NYC, sharing how Station A is using good design as a tool to accelerate climate action.

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Station A's data-driven approach to commercial decarbonization

VIDEO INTERVIEW - At the latest BNEF Summit Co-founder and Head of Product, Manos Saratsis, unpacks Station A's approach to helping businesses get clean energy projects off the ground.

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Station A Marketplace Insights: Spring '23

What’s the value of running a competitive RFP process for your commercial solar project? On average $668K. Here are our other top findings from the last 2 years of Station A Marketplace activity.

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How we're leveraging the latest in AI to scale climate action for every building

Station A Head of Engineering, Jeremy Lucas, breaks down how Station A is leveraging recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI), namely vision transformers, to scale the process of evaluating clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

Written by Jeremy Lucas on
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