Energy 311 (a software platform that helps building owners profitably bill their tenants for clean energy) and Station A (a leading clean energy marketplace) have partnered to enable commercial & industrial companies to analyze, procure, and manage tenant billing for clean energy projects at-scale.

Energy311 is a leading software platform that helps building owners sell onsite solar power to tenants at market rates. Energy311’s “Be your own power grid”™ approach lets building owners monetize their solar energy investment 2x-3x more than traditional Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Energy311 supports nearly all property types (commercial, industrial, residential, multifamily) with existing or new solar installations, and they handle all tenant billing and collection services in order to provide a turnkey solution.

Before Energy311 can deploy its billing solution, solar must be installed on the landlord’s property. To facilitate this process, Station A assists building owners in obtaining competitive quotes for such installations. Similar to how a homeowner lists their home for sale on Zillow and receives competitive offers, Station A enables any building owner to list their clean energy project in its marketplace to receive competitive offers. To date, Station A has one of the largest provider audiences in the country, with around 2,500+ active provider accounts. Due to its extensive provider audience, Station A’s marketplace yields highly competitive offers, with an average bid spread of $1.1M (bid spread refers to the difference between the highest and lowest bids).

“Picture this: hundreds of buildings requiring solar and EV investment due to new codes, electric cars, escalating utility rates, or roof upkeep. Thanks to pioneering Energytech firms like StationA and Energy311, property owners with multi-tenant buildings can circumvent the expensive, antiquated grid, and replace it with a decentralized, self-reliant and profitable energy future. In areas with high utility rates and growing EV demand, selling affordable solar power is a no-brainer.” Alex Shah, CEO and Founder - Energy311

Overall, the goal of this partnership is to help landlords deploy clean energy solutions across their portfolio and profitably bill tenants.

If you are a landlord that is looking to deploy onsite clean energy and take advantage of this partnership, please reach out to the Station A team at or the Energy311 team at

About Energy311:

Energy311 delivers energy billing and collection services to maximize profits on renewable energy generation and help build a cleaner, more distributed grid. Our platform helps commercial and private property owners sell clean energy to tenants pegged to local utility rates. While increasing NOI and maximizing the return on their clean energy investments, Energy311 helps owners turn their rooftops into a new revenue stream, increasing building value by more than 10%.

About Station A:

Station A is the climate action platform for commercial buildings. We've created the easiest and most cost-effective way to analyze and procure clean energy. Our evaluation tools leverage an AI-powered building evaluation engine that identifies onsite solar, community solar, and EV charging potential based on industry-leading data. Our marketplace gives you comprehensive, price-competitive proposals from the leading clean energy developers in the nation and accommodates various technologies including solar PV, battery storage, and EV charging.