The problem we're solving

Kevin Berkemeyer explains how Station A picked the problem that we wanted to fall in love with -- accelerating clean energy deployment.

Written by Kevin Berkemeyer on

Avoiding common and uncommon pitfalls of solar projects

How to use RFPs to mitigate risk, validate provider experience, and ensure project quality.

Written by Callie Smith on
onsite solar buyer

How customer need has driven the evolution of our company

Kevin Berkemeyer explains how Station A addressed the lack of transparency in renewables by shifting from a "trust us" to a "trust the data" approach and launching a transparent clean energy marketplace for commercial buyers.

Written by Kevin Berkemeyer on

Station A RFQs qualify your projects before hitting the market

If you are looking for qualified providers and indicative project pricing, running a Request for Qualifications can be an efficient step towards an RFP.

Written by Tom Paschos on

Station A partners with Greenly to bridge carbon accounting and onsite decarbonization

Station A and Greenly are partnering to help companies of any size measure their carbon footprint and take action to decarbonize via onsite clean energy.

Written by Richard Ling on

We're hiring a project delivery lead

Our newest hire will be responsible for overseeing and delivering projects in our clean energy marketplace, from launch to close.

Written by Manos Saratsis on

Which sites in your portfolio qualify for 20% off the CapEx?

Station A Portfolios Now Support the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Adders.

Written by Colin Schimmelfing on
product policy buyer

Our redesigned project page elevates your marketplace UX

Our latest app release includes a revamped design for our RFP and RFQ pages, integrating invaluable feedback from our provider network.

Written by Callie Smith on
product provider

Station A partners with Agendi to turn electricity emissions reduction strategy into action

Station A and Agendi are partnering to provide a full suite of solutions for companies looking to take action on their emissions reduction goals.

Written by Richard Ling on

Where are there opportunities for C&I community solar in 2024?

Community solar is an easy way to generate meaningful bill savings or ongoing revenue for commercial and industrial properties in viable states.

Written by Albert Ching on
community solar education buyer