The new Provider Profile makes submitting proposals faster, easier, and less repetitive. 


Station A was built by people who have worked for years on both ends of the RFP process - as clean energy buyers looking for an excellent developer, and as solar developers working hard to complete an RFP or RFQ response. Assembling a proposal is no small feat, so we strive to make this process more straightforward than it is elsewhere. After gathering feedback from providers in the Station A network, we created the Provider Profile: a one-stop shop for your organization's information.

Introducing the Provider Profile

Most clean energy project proposals ask developers questions about experience and qualifications each time a provider submits a proposal. This makes for tedious and unnecessary copying & pasting.

Station A’s new Provider Profile improves this time-consuming process by allowing you to comprehensively enter your company's information upfront. This makes submitting on the Station A marketplace more streamlined, allowing your team to focus on the details of your proposal.

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How it works

Information about a provider's experience, qualifications, and services is now permanently stored in the Provider Profile, a repository of information that is stored for all members of a provider's organization. This profile streamlines the proposal submissions in a few ways:

  1. Providers can complete their Provider Profile at any time, by visiting The questions in this profile account for around 40% of the responses solicited in a standard RFQ, and 20% for RFPs.
  2. Each time a team starts a new proposal in Station A, anyone in the organization can update the profile again before submitting.
  3. Once a proposal is submitted for a certain project, the buyer who evaluates your proposal will also have access to the Provider Profile.

Link accounts to work on profiles and proposals together

Most teams involve a few team members to assemble a response to an RFP or RFQ. If more than one person from your organization works on Station A proposals, providers can to link accounts to the same organization. This will allow you to share the same Provider Profile and work on proposals together. 

Keep in touch

New features like the Provider Profile are fueled by the thoughtful feedback from our provider network. Have thoughts about your experience with the Station A Marketplace? Send them our way at