Station A is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Basis Climate, a clean energy tax credit transfer marketplace. Together, Station A and Basis will streamline the process for our clients to monetize their tax credits and improve the ROI of their clean energy projects. 

While the Inflation Reduction Act enabled the buying and selling of clean energy tax credits, the process to facilitate transferable tax credits from seller to buyer is nontrivial. Thus, Basis Climate has developed a unified solution to market, diligence, and transact in clean energy tax credits, which has attracted a growing network of buyers. With Basis’s marketplace, a tax credit seller can acquire tax insurance to manage transactional risk, find tax credit buyers, and ultimately sell their tax credits with ease and confidence. To date, Basis Climate has facilitated nearly $200M in transactions, including an ITC credit as small as $600,000. 

Since Basis interfaces with clean energy developers and project owners, they often connect with real estate firms and corporate entities looking for assistance in the early development of their clean energy projects. Through this partnership, Basis can now direct these opportunities to Station A to match with qualified contractors and build their clean energy projects. 

Station A has built one of the leading clean energy marketplaces in the US, with hundreds of developer accounts in our network. Due to the breadth of this marketplace, Station A drives highly competitive outcomes, with the average marketplace project garnering 6 bids and average lifetime savings (excluding financing costs) of $3.1M (see how here). 

“Station A has always aimed to make clean energy transactions easier for commercial clients, and this latest partnership with Basis enables us to do just that for clean energy tax credits,” said Kevin Berkemeyer, CEO and co-founder of Station A. “We're excited to offer this capability to our clients and strengthen the value propositions for onsite clean energy projects.”

Buildings are a major contributor to climate change, accounting for more than a quarter of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. This partnership represents a significant stride towards maximizing available rooftop space and decarbonizing our country’s buildings. We look forward to catalyzing clean energy transactions from start to finish alongside Basis.