How Solar Continues to Thrive in CA Amid NEM 3.0

Using Station A grades we look at the effects of NEM 3.0 and outline the potential for buyers and providers to capitalize on this new policy.

Written by Albert Ching on
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The science behind predicting solar project profitability

Station A’s principal software engineer Christian Czezatke breaks down how we model a building’s energy supply, demand, and costs, to pinpoint which C&I buildings stand to generate returns from onsite solar.

Written by Christian Czezatke on
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How we're leveraging the latest in AI to scale climate action for every building

Station A Head of Engineering, Jeremy Lucas, breaks down how Station A is leveraging recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI), namely vision transformers, to scale the process of evaluating clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

Written by Jeremy Lucas on
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Is Illinois the next clean energy epicenter?

Unpacking the new clean energy bill and the huge solar market in Illinois.

Written by Sarah Weidel on

Earth Day is Environmental Justice Day at Station A

Incorporating environmental justice into Station A's Mission to transition the world to 100% clean energy.

Written by Audrey Ku on
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Batteries and emissions

Exploring the CO₂ savings potential of on-site batteries.

Written by Christian Czezatke on

Energy storage for everyone

Using Station A to connect the dots on SGIP.

Written by Kevin Berkemeyer on
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Why we built the Station A Card

Using building context to unlock the clean energy market.

Written by Manos Saratsis on
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Clean energy can be a solution for high-fire threat districts

An alternative to PG&E's planned blackout strategy.

Written by Kevin Berkemeyer on

Solar and storage support California's grid

Building-by-building analysis towards California's grid reliability goals.

Written by Sam Steyer on