The Provider Profile makes proposal submissions 20% faster

Introducing the Provider Profile, a new feature that streamlines the proposal submission process by allowing you to comprehensively enter your company's information upfront. Information about a provider's experience, qualifications, and services is now permanently stored in the Provider Profile, a repository of information that is stored for all members of a provider's organization.

Written by Callie Smith on
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Launching EV Charging and Community Solar Report Cards

This latest release adds an analysis of the feasibility and financial return of adding community solar or EV charging to a building site.

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Launching Clean Energy Grades

A new clean energy analysis tool that instantly tells you how good your building is for clean energy.

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How the Station A Marketplace Works

Transforming how clean energy is bought and sold

Written by Albert Ching on
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Energy Storage for Everyone

Using Station A to connect the dots on SGIP

Written by Kevin Berkemeyer on
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Why we built the Station A Card

Using building context to unlock the clean energy market.

Written by Manos Saratsis on
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