With a sleek new design, separate form pages, and improved navigation, completing proposals is easier than ever. Plus, we've introduced transparent form selection logic, which lays the groundwork for even greater improvements to the marketplace experience.

💅 Smoother user interface

The first thing you will notice is a beautiful new design of the proposal submission experience. We strive to make the proposal submission experience as delightful as can be, taking into account direct feedback from our users.

Proposal forms Station A

Separate form pages

To make the experience smoother, we have made it so forms can open in a separate page from the proposal landing page. This can support collaboration efforts, as forms can be easily worked on in parallel, in separate pages. We have also restored our “auto-save” functionality that allows collaboration on the same form page at the same time. Unlike most websites, you can click the ‘back’ arrow on your browser and get to the previous page without losing your responses.

Breadcrumb Navigation

With this new multi-page experience, we also implemented a breadcrumb navigation bar at the top of the page, which can help you navigate back to the proposal landing page for your convenience.

And more!

Some more improvements include clearer progress tracking, simpler input fields, improved loading states, and more!

🤖 New form selection logic

Many RFPs have optional ‘add-ons like battery systems, optional carport additions, and even alternative PPA term lengths. One of the biggest changes in this overhaul is the way you choose which set of questions to answer.

Old logic

In the old proposal submission experience, you would likely answer some questions on the first page, which impacted which questions you were asked on the subsequent pages. For example, if you wanted to include carport solar in your bid, you would have to select the answer on the first page to be able to see the questions that are expected of you to include carport in your proposal.

Station A proposal forms 2

New logic

In this new paradigm, we transparently lay out all your form options on your proposal landing page. You can then choose which forms to respond to and include in your proposal.

For example, there might be a “Rooftop Solar” form and a "Battery System” form available to include in your proposal. You can view all the questions in each form on a new page. To include “Carport Solar” in your proposal, simply click the “add to proposal” button on the corresponding form card, and you will be directed to the corresponding list of questions to complete.

Old proposals

As a result of these changes in logic, old proposals may look a little different than when they were originally submitted. Rest assured that all your proposal data is safe and saved.

🪄 Infrastructural improvements

This release lays the groundwork for more dramatic improvements that are soon to come that rapidly expedite the Station A Marketplace process for both buyers and providers.

Keep your eyes peeled for new releases coming soon. We regularly act on feedback submitted buy our provider network and encourage you to share your thoughts to support@stationa.com.