In the fast-paced environment of proposal management, ease and speed and key to our providers. At Station A, we care about delivering not just sleek-looking products, but experiences that are intuitive and enjoyable. Our latest release takes this commitment to the next level with a revamped layout for our RFP and RFQ pages, integrating invaluable feedback from our provider network.

📲 Single-pane layout for easy mobile browsing

Recognizing the demands of modern professionals, who often find themselves managing proposals on the go, we've optimized our RFP pages for mobile devices. Our new layout brings key components - project summaries and timelines - center stage. Now, teams who are on the road can more easily browse project requirements and disclosures without pulling out their laptop.

Product Mocks (13)Review the key project details as soon as you open the page.

🎬 Actionable timelines explain what to do and when

With Station A's latest release, we've aligned actions with each phase of the project lifecycle. During the Q&A period, provider can "see disclosures" and "ask questions". As the submission period approaches, our platform transitions to a new set of actions, highlighting buttons like "start proposal"

Product Mocks (15)Actions mapped to phases clarify what you need to do and when.


Product Mocks (21)
Shortlisted providers can access new shortlist deadlines and questions from the project page.

🎨 Color as a visual language

If you’ve used Station A before, you may recognize Station A "green" and "oranges". More than decoration, we use these colors project pages and proposal forms to signal progress. For example, you may intuitively know that we are in the Q&A period of a project without reading the example timeline dates, simply because the "Q&A period" is green. Similarly, you can understand if a form is complete simply by looking at the color of the form itself.

Product Mocks (18)Get a quick sense of your progress just by looking at the colors.

Product Mocks (17)
Click “Change theme” to toggle the entire Station A interface between light and dark mode.

📚 "Less but better" documentation

Traditional, industry standard RFPs resemble a labyrinth of files and PDFs, sometimes reaching up to 100 pages each. These documents use boilerplate requirements that may or may not apply to the project at hand. Oftentimes unorganized, critical information is frequently buried within these convoluted files, or missing entirely, leaving providers scrambling for data. Most rely heavily on RFIs to get a complete picture of a project.

Inspired by the design philosophy of industrial designer Dieter Rams, we've adopted the mantra of "Less but better," ensuring that every piece of information is relevant and easily accessible.

Each project disclosures package is hand-built to ensure that all information is specific and relevant to the project. Conversely, any lack of data is clearly stated to avoid unnecessary searching on the provider’s behalf. If a building has recently been constructed and 12 months of usage data is not available, project disclosures make note of what can be used in its stead, such as a usage forecast or similar building profile. 

Product Mocks (20)Hand-built disclosures to ensure that all information is specific and relevant to the project.

💪 Always improving

We believe in continuous improvement in our products and design language, and we are not stopping here.

In the dynamic landscape of proposal management, accessibility and efficiency are paramount for our providers. At Station A, we're dedicated to not only delivering visually appealing products but also crafting experiences that are intuitive and enjoyable.