Greenly is the all-in-one platform dedicated to all businesses who want to measure, manage, and reduce their CO2 emissions. Today, Greenly serves over 2000 clients, ranging from SMBs to large enterprises, and they operate across the world, including Europe, USA, UK, Australia, and Asia.

At the heart of Greenly’s approach is their comprehensive approach to measure scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in accordance with leading protocols, including the GHG protocol, ADEME, CDP, TCFD, and SBTI. But Greenly does not stop there.

Once emissions are baselined, Greenly helps their clients go the extra mile by engaging employees to reduce their own carbon footprint. Moreover, Greenly’s platform has tailored suggestions for decarbonization pathways, ranging from energy efficiency interventions to electrifying fleet vehicles and even switching to biogas.

Station A is here to add even more decarbonization pathways for Greenly’s clients.While all strategies for decarbonization have their merits, Station A is squarely focused on one critical aspect — onsite clean energy implementation, including solar PV systems, EV charging, battery storage, and even community solar.

As part of this partnership, Station A will equip Greenly’s clients with the knowledge and option to explore onsite clean energy implementation as a method to reduce their scope 2 emissions.

Greenly’s clients will have the ability to view Station A’s recommended decarbonization pathway in the Greenly platform and leverage Station A to determine the best locations for onsite clean energy projects and procure best-value developers to build such projects.

🛣️ Helping Station A’s clients chart their gameplan

On the flip side of this partnership, Station A’s clients will also have the ability to gain access to Greenly’s leading carbon accounting platform. Station A often receives clients with ambitious net-zero or ESG goals, but they need guidance on how to chart an actionable gameplan towards such goals. With Greenly’s carbon accounting platform, Station A’s clients can accurately measure their carbon emissions across their core business and supply chain.

🌎 A partnership to advance global decarbonization

“Greenly's core mission is to empower companies to measure, manage, and reduce their GHG emissions. Collaborative partnerships lie at the heart of our endeavor, enabling us to assist our clients in their emission reduction journey. In this regard, our partnership with Station A grants Greenly customers an unparalleled opportunity to actively advance their sustainability goals and make an impact on their environmental commitments.”
- Alexis Normand, CEO, Greenly

“Greenly’s platform is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for companies of all sizes to baseline their emissions and take action. Station A is laser focused on the ‘action’ portion, so we are glad to partner with Greenly to help more clients install real clean energy projects,” says Kevin Berkemeyer, CEO of Station A.

🤌 Take advantage of this partnership today

If you are interested in leveraging any of the capabilities of Greenly and Station A’s partnership, we are offering unique benefits to first-time clients. To engage us in a 30-min complimentary exploratory call, please email Station A at or Greenly at

👋 About Station A

Station A is the climate action platform for commercial buildings. We've created the easiest and most cost-effective way to analyze and procure clean energy. Our evaluation tools leverage an AI-powered building evaluation engine that identifies onsite solar, community solar, and EV charging potential based on industry-leading data. Our marketplace gives you comprehensive, price-competitive proposals from the leading clean energy developers in the nation and accommodates various technologies including solar PV, battery storage, and EV charging.

👋 About Greenly

Greenly makes carbon accounting and management precise and intuitive for your company, allowing you to fast-track you transition towards net-zero-carbon economy. The platform enables your company to measure, monitor, reduce and offset your carbon footprint in line with international carbon accounting standards such as the GHG Protocol. We help you better engage your ecosystem, from employees to suppliers, on their climate journey. Greenly helps you roll-out a comprehensive reduction strategy in line with SBTI.

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