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0:20 What you were doing before Basis, and why did you decide to found the company?
2:52 From when you were founded to today, what are some highlights?
5:02 You announced a $60M and $100M tax credit transfer with Wellhead Electric Company and Avangrid Renewables, respectively. Talk us through how Basis facilitated these large, complex transactions.
7:24 What are the differences between smaller transactions and larger transactions in terms of challenges and benefits?
10:00 What makes ITC transfer so difficult to manage?
13:47 The ITC marketplace currently comes with high transactional costs for smaller deals - how do you see this evolving?
17:07 Do you see there being a role for tax equity as the market grows?
19:39 What parts of ITC transfers can be standardized, or automated?
22:02 What excites you most about the future of ITC transfer market?

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