Understanding ITC transferability with Basis Climate

In this fireside chat, Erik Underwood and Derek Silverman of Basis Climate explain the promising, yet complex landscape of tax credit transactions.

Written by Richard Ling on
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How to prepare for your solar project

Equip yourself with knowledge about electrical equipment, energy bills, and onsite feasibility to initiate a successful clean energy installation.

Written by Callie Smith on

Evaluating your building's roof for commercial solar projects

Learn how your roof's warranty, age, and material affect the feasibility and economics of a commercial rooftop solar project.

Written by Tom Paschos on

Evaluating your building for groundmount and carport solar

Learn the basics of environmental assessments, geotech reporting, trenching, and more.

Written by Tom Paschos on
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Collecting utility data to understand your clean energy potential

Energy consumption, interval data, and rate tariffs are key inputs for solar project savings estimates.

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Documenting electrical equipment for your clean energy project

There are key pieces of data your team needs to collect about your service panels, transformers, and electrical meters in order to develop a commercial clean energy project.

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How to build a faster, simpler clean energy RFP

For the past three years, Station A has been striving to build the most robust digital RFP process so buyers can easily source competitive proposals from a large pool of trusted providers.

Written by Richard Ling on
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Rooftop or carport solar? How to choose the right option for your business

We break down the key details to consider when you are evaluating these technologies for your commercial or industrial onsite clean energy needs.

Written by Colin Schimmelfing on
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How California solar buyers can respond to NEM 3.0

We cover the details of the new NEM 3.0 policies and recommendations for how you can act to take advantage of the current policy before the new changes take effect.

Written by Albert Ching on
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How supply chain constraints are affecting commercial solar

Michelle Davis, Principal Analyst at Wood Mackenzie, helps us understand the factors affecting the solar supply chain and the downstream projects. 

Written by Kevin Berkemeyer on
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