Which sites in your portfolio qualify for 20% off the CapEx?

Station A Portfolios Now Support the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Adders.

Written by Colin Schimmelfing on
product policy buyer

What could a repeal of the IRA mean for commercial solar economics?

Repealing the IRA’s 30% ITC could reduce a project's ROI by 41% based on a sample $1M All-cash project.

Written by Albert Ching on
policy incentives education buyer

How California solar buyers can respond to NEM 3.0

We cover the details of the new NEM 3.0 policies and recommendations for how you can act to take advantage of the current policy before the new changes take effect.

Written by Albert Ching on
onsite solar policy education

How the IRA will impact your clean energy project

Station A CEO Kevin Berkemeyer, and Forum Mobility CEO Matt LeDucq, get to the gist of how the Inflation Reduction Act will impact clean energy projects.

Written by Kevin Berkemeyer on
financing policy podcast