“The Inflation Reduction Act, what a boom…it could truly unlock solar in a new way.” - Matt LeDucq

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is no doubt a huge win for the clean energy sector. The bill authorizes $369 billion in funding for climate change-related and clean energy initiatives. Most importantly for buyers, the bill introduces new economic dynamics that significantly reduce the current barriers to extracting economic value from a solar project.

In this video Station A CEO, Kevin Berekemeyer talks with good friend and advisor Matt LeDucq, CEO at Forum Mobility, to outline the big takeaways of the IRA for clean energy projects. Matt brings extensive experience in distributed generation (DG) and solar from his time developing over $2 billion in business while at NextEra

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In this interview we cover

  • 4:20 - What is the current value to be gained from doing a solar project?
  • 5:00 - What are the current complexities of doing a solar project that make it hard to extract value?
  • 8:00 - Which financing method produces more value?
  • 11:15 - How the IRA addresses the current complexities of doing solar projects.
  • 17:00 - What are some of the valuable financial mechanisms created by the IRA?
  • 21:15 - What are the key factors to focus on when choosing a clean energy project and provider?
  • 22:00 - Ways organizations leave money on the table by getting caught up in the complexities.

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