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This update takes the same quality analysis we’ve delivered via static PDF and turns it into a dynamic, interactive and editable view of your portfolio’s onsite clean energy potential.

Requiring only a building’s address as an input, Station A Portfolios provides a new level of access and data transparency to clean energy analysis.

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With this release, we're taking a big step forward in delivering on our goal to provide unprecedented ease in evaluating a building’s clean energy potential, giving businesses more confidence in establishing their clean energy priorities and the tools needed to decarbonize faster.


A quick look

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How to access

All that’s needed to start building your Portfolio is a .xlsx or .csv list of building addresses, evaluation of your first 50 addresses for free. 

  1. Request your Portfolio evaluation via the request form at stationa.com.
  2. Upload your list of addresses.
  3. Station A will respond via email with an invite link to your custom Portfolio.


Portfolio Highlights 

👀 View data for your entire portfolio in one place
Starting with just a list of addresses you can build an online clean energy profile that adapts to you and the market.

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💎 Use Clean energy grades as your guide
Our grades predict the likelihood that a clean energy investment will pay back financially to help you prioritize your best sites faster.

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🔍 Dive transparently into all the data
See the figures used to evaluate your site from the cost of electricity, installation area, annual consumption and more.

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🔄 Work with the Station A team to update those assumptions
Edit our input assumptions with your actuals and we’ll do the re-computing in seconds.

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See your portfolio data auto-magically update
From policies to incentives to build costs and PPA rates, as the market changes, Station A will refresh your estimates.

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What’s next for Station A Portfolios

Our industry-leading predictions are just the starting point — but you know your buildings better than we do.

In the future, we will be adding more ways for you to improve and augment the underlying data used in the modeling, from the cost of electricity to roof age and tenant lease term so that you can prioritize based on how you see the world.

The world changes quickly and we want your view of your portfolio’s clean energy potential to change with it.

From incorporating California’s NEM 3.0 change to the impact inflation has on both build costs and PPA rates, we will be incorporating significant new policies and market conditions automagically so you can focus on other things.

How we made this possible

We know enough to be dangerous. Maintaining and keeping up-to-date an authoritative view of all commercial buildings is no small task. This effort is powered by almost a decade of investment in collecting, understanding, transforming and communicating data on the ever-changing built environment and calibrated with the past two years of actuals from our marketplace. We are confident that this personalized view is an essential tool for any large or small portfolio owner.

We're building this tool for YOU, please let us know how we can improve it to meet your biggest challenges. We know how challenging decarbonization can be, our goal is to make it feel easy.


Try Portfolios Beta