👎 The Status Quo is Broken

“The first step is always the hardest”, and clean energy is no exception. If you’re a commercial building owner who wants to buy clean energy, your “first step” is to do an analysis to figure out what’s best for your building and how much it might cost. In the status quo, you have to engage multiple providers or hire a consultant, share lots of data, have repeated phone calls and long email threads, and make sense of multiple proposals with different assumptions and contingencies. Then you have to digest the results and come to a decision on whether you want to pursue clean energy. If you decide to move forward, you have to cross your fingers that the provider will deliver what they promised.

Needless to say, the status quo is time-consuming, biased, and unfair to the buyer, and you might leave this process feeling just as confused as before. To top it all off, this takes a lot of time and attention away from your core business.

🔑 One Grade to Simplify Decision-Making

Today, we are launching Clean Energy Grades, a new product that instantly tells you how good your building is for clean energy. Given just your building’s address, Station A’s platform analyzes your options, sources market offers, and enables you to go green at the lowest cost. Clean Energy Grades transform your clean energy journey from a manual process that takes weeks into an instant analysis as simple as a Google search.

“Most people think that you need to invest significant amounts of time and money to go green,” says Station A CEO, Kevin Berkemeyer, “But with significant breakthroughs in clean energy hardware, state incentives, and Station A’s simplified procurement process, it’s never been easier.”

🧮 Get Your Grade

Just like a credit score tells you how good your financial standing is, your Clean Energy Grade tells you how good your building is for clean energy.

Your Clean Energy Grade incorporates your building’s size, local weather patterns, electricity usage, current electricity costs, as well as available incentives.

As new markets open up, new programs emerge, and new technologies mature, your Clean Energy Grade will continually be recomputed to ensure you have the most up-to-date view into your options.

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⚖️ See Comparable Options

Your clean energy options include competitive tech and financing products sourced from the Station A Provider Network. Each option includes all the key metrics to help you make a decision, such as your upfront cost, your lifetime savings, and your emission reductions.

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📚 Explore FAQs

We know that clean energy can get complicated, so our contextual FAQs answer the most common questions you might have throughout this process. We will walk you through what a PPA is, how to think about various financing options, and more.

Explore FAQs

🚀 Turn Analysis into Action

If you want to dive deeper into your options and move forward with buying clean energy, Station A can help you out! All you have to do is fill out your contact details, respond to a quick survey, and a dedicated Station A representative will reach out to schedule your consultation.

As the US’s leading clean energy marketplace, Station A has digitized and streamlined clean energy buying to take weeks instead of months.

In your consultation, we’ll answer any questions you have about clean energy, your Clean Energy Grade, and more. If everything sounds good, Station A will run the entire procurement process for you from start to finish. Our growing provider network guarantees you will be getting the best-value option. Once options for your project come in, we will organize them in a digestible apples-to-apples format so you can select the winning provider.

Turn Analysis into Action

⌛️ Just Don’t Wait!

Station A has already identified around 35,000 buildings with coveted A+ Clean Energy Grades, each with at least $1M in lifetime savings. Collectively these buildings are sitting on almost $96 billion in unrealized financial value from electricity bill savings that can be financed with no money down. Is your building one of them? Find out today!

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