Station A’s mission is to transition the world to 100% clean energy by helping make clean energy cheaper, more accessible, and more transparent to everyone.

As part of our mission, the Station A Marketplace for clean energy projects is where buyers can conveniently source detailed quotes from our trusted network of more than 2,000 providers through a streamlined, transparent and digital RFP process.

Marketplace ModeA buyer’s project is published for any qualified provider on the Station A Marketplace to view, download detailed disclosures, ask questions and submit proposals.

⚙️ How clean energy is procured today

55% of the total price of a clean energy project is non-hardware related soft costs

Procuring clean energy today is typically a time-consuming affair with lots of back-and-forth between buyers and providers. Buyers spend significant time researching if clean energy is a good fit for their buildings or sites and once they decide that it might be, invest in a lengthy process to solicit and evaluate proposals from a diversity of clean energy providers from installers to hardware providers to financiers. This inefficient process results in significant cost for providers, higher prices for buyers and fewer clean energy projects initiated.

🌟 Station A’s simple and transparent approach

Backed by our trusted provider network, Station A is streamlining, standardizing, and digitizing the process of buying clean energy

Free clean energy scores

A buyer can start evaluating their single building or entire portfolio by entering their building addresses on and getting their free clean energy score, which provides an estimate of whether or not a building is likely to save money by switching to clean energy based on everything from rooftop area to the cost of electricity to the weather. Station A has identified an amazing 600,000 commercial buildings in North America where a clean energy project nets a positive return on investment.

First-of-kind digital RFPs

Once a buyer is ready to list their project, we onboard them to create a digital RFP that we publish to our trusted provider network. Any interested providers has an opportunity to learn more about the project, download additional disclosures and request more information from the buyer. The entire process from onboarding to term sheet is estimated to take two months to complete.

Marketplace ProcessThe Station A Marketplace process attempts to reduce unnecessary steps in the buying process and all steps are communicated to both buyers and providers.

🥇 The Station A advantage

For buyers

Get your free clean energy score at and instantly assess your buildings for clean energy. From there, check out our buyer’s guide to the Station A Marketplace for more information.

  • There is no upfront cost for you to list a project on the marketplace
  • The whole process from onboarding to term sheet is streamlined to take two months to complete
  • Listing a project is as easy as filling out one form that includes your most important criteria for selecting a provider
  • Providers are sourced from Station A’s trusted provider network that can service hardware, installation and financing
  • Proposals are designed to be comparable not just on price but also by provider experience and proposal details

For providers

Set up your Station A Marketplace profile so that potential clean energy buyers can better evaluate your proposals. Station A will collect a small success fee for projects that are originated, qualified, and progressed to term sheet.

  • Each project that is listed on Station A has been qualified to move forward based on project economics, available financing, and buyer readiness
  • Any interested provider can submit a proposal for an active project
  • Provider proposals are sorted based on their compatibility with the buyer’s evaluation criteria

👋 Get started here

Are you a clean energy buyer interested in evaluating your buildings and kicking off your RFP in the Station A Marketplace? Get started here! Visit and enter a building address to see your clean energy options or talk with one of our clean energy advisors to identify the best next step. 


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