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1:30 What are the current impacts on the solar supply chain?
4:50 Which components are being impacted the most by the current constraints?
5:11 How are solar supply constraints impacting project price?

How are solar project timelines being impacted by supply chain constraints?

7:45 In regards to supply constraints, is it better to work with a large or small provider?
8:45 When do you see current supply constraints going away?
9:49 How should solar buyers be thinking about when is best to do a solar project?
11:00 Where are you seeing the largest price increases for electricity?
12:45 How will the domestic content requirements in the IRA impact solar component supply?
14:25 How easy will it be to do a project that qualifies for the 10% ITC domestic content bonus?
15:00 What's your outlook on the solar market and how has it changed?
17:40 What advice would you give a business looking to do an onsite solar project right now?

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