Avoiding common and uncommon pitfalls of solar projects

How to use RFPs to mitigate risk, validate provider experience, and ensure project quality.

Written by Callie Smith on
onsite solar buyer

Which sites in your portfolio qualify for 20% off the CapEx?

Station A Portfolios Now Support the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Adders.

Written by Colin Schimmelfing on
product policy buyer

Where are there opportunities for C&I community solar in 2024?

Community solar is an easy way to generate meaningful bill savings or ongoing revenue for commercial and industrial properties in viable states.

Written by Albert Ching on
community solar education buyer

What are S-RECs and how do they impact commercial solar economics?

If a buyer is willing to part with a project’s environmental attributes, applying a state S-REC incentive can increase a project’s ROI by 28% to 180%.

Written by Albert Ching on
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What is Bonus Depreciation and how does it impact my decarbonization plan?

Starting your project in 2024 could result in an additional +10% to project ROI vs 2025 and +18% vs 2026 due to Bonus Depreciation alone.

Written by Albert Ching on
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What could a repeal of the IRA mean for commercial solar economics?

Repealing the IRA’s 30% ITC could reduce a project's ROI by 41% based on a sample $1M All-cash project.

Written by Albert Ching on
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