Station A has joined the Zeigo Activate marketplace to help small and medium-sized businesses identify their best options for decarbonizing operations and turn their renewable roadmaps into viable projects. SMEs can source competitive solar, battery or EV charging project proposals through Station A’s industry-leading marketplace, made up of 2,000+ trusted providers.


Zeigo Activate is providing the tools and knowledge needed for SME’s to measure emissions baseline, set reduction goals, and accelerate decarbonization efforts. The process of how a business can effectively reduce its carbon emissions is not always an easy process, but Station A's evaluation tools help speed up the process of evaluating a building’s options and advancing projects to market.

“Zeigo Activate is proud to have Station A as a partner and solution provider in our Zeigo Activate marketplace. When a clean energy buyer joins Zeigo Activate, they have the opportunity to work with Station A on achieving specific and calculated decarbonization goals by having their buildings graded and receiving competitive bids from qualified providers to reduce their emissions.”
- Ashton Arvin, Software Marketing Manager, Zeigo Activate

About Zeigo Activate

Built exclusively by sustainability experts, Zeigo Activate helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) track and reduce their environmental impact. Whether you are responding to carbon reduction requests from your customers, or you are feeling the pressure of legislation and compliance obligations, Zeigo Activate is here for you. Calculate carbon emissions and measure reduction results, follow a customized plan to achieve decarbonization goals, and access an open marketplace of solution providers to help you reach those goals.

About Station A

Founded in 2018, Station A is a one-stop shop to analyze and procure clean energy. Station A’s Portfolio evaluation helps decision-makers instantly analyze and rank their buildings to find the best clean energy project opportunities. The Station A marketplace enables the collection of competitive project bids from qualified providers in a transparent and all-digital way.