Station A and Crux are partnering to simplify the process for clients needing to buy or sell clean energy tax credits. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in making clean energy projects more accessible and financially viable for Station A’s clientele.

🛣️ Making our clients’ lives easier

Kevin Berkemeyer, CEO of Station A, says, "Transacting tax credits has become an increasingly important component for Station A clients in evaluating project viability, and this partnership will help enable any clean energy project owner to transact tax credits with ease and security. We are very excited for the potential here.”

Alfred Johnson, CEO of Crux, says, "The transferable tax credits created under the IRA are an enormous catalyst to clean energy and decarbonization. Crux is delighted to offer Station A clients an ecosystem to efficiently monetize their tax credits, and drive the energy transition."

✨ Making clean energy projects simpler

Clean energy projects are not simply about putting solar in the ground. In addition to the real construction work, clients have to worry about a myriad of complicated development issues, including vetting a project for feasibility, arranging legal counsel to negotiate contracts with developers, and, of course, managing tax credits.

While tax credits is just one piece of the puzzle, it is also one of the largest federal incentives to make a project economically viable. On top of this, clean energy tax credit transactions are anything but simple — clients have to find the right buyer with reasonable discount rates, arrange insurance, conduct a cost segregation of the project itself, and more. Crux is one of the leading players that makes this entire process easier.

🤌 Take advantage of this partnership today

If your company manages commercial buildings and is interested in installing onsite clean energy, including solar, EV charging, or battery storage, we encourage you to reach out to Station A and Crux today. To contact Station A, please email Richard Ling at To contact Crux, please email For more information, please visit Station A's website or Crux's website.

👋 About Station A

Station A is the climate action platform for commercial buildings. We've created the easiest and most cost-effective way to analyze and procure clean energy. Our evaluation tools leverage an AI-powered building evaluation engine that identifies onsite solar, community solar, and EV charging potential based on industry-leading data. Our marketplace gives you comprehensive, price-competitive proposals from the leading clean energy developers in the nation and accommodates various technologies including solar PV, battery storage, and EV charging.

👋 About Crux

Crux is a sustainable finance technology company changing the way clean energy and decarbonization projects are financed in the U.S. The company’s first offering is the ecosystem for buyers, sellers, and intermediaries to transact and manage transferable tax credits. Crux is co-founded by Alfred Johnson and Allen Kramer, who previously founded and exited a successful marketplace software company, Mobilize. Rob Parker serves as Chief Commercial Officer and brings 20+ years of experience in the power industry, most recently serving as CFO at REV Renewables. Since its launch in 2023, Crux has raised $27 million in funding from venture capital and strategic investors and built a world-class team that merges expertise from energy, finance, government, and technology to power the clean energy transition.