Teaming up, Station A and Agendi bring a comprehensive array of solutions for companies committed to cutting down on their emissions. Together, they offer a seamless journey for businesses, transforming the initial spark of "Let's tackle our Scope 2 emissions" into tangible onsite solar, EV charging stations, battery storage, and community solar projects.

🧭 From onsite clean energy strategy to implementation

Agendi helps companies define and implement emissions management strategy by assessing their emissions baseline, setting reduction targets, and identifying actionable emissions mitigation options. One of the most direct paths to reducing a company's carbon footprint and also achieving long-term cost savings is by decarbonizing their electricity consumption through onsite clean energy installations.

Station A can effectively analyze a company’s sites for onsite clean energy opportunities and leverage its industry-leading marketplace to source competitive quotes from developers across all U.S. states. It is well positioned to service entire portfolios, as Station A’s software is designed to help multi-building portfolios decarbonize with ease and simplicity. Station A assists multi-building portfolios in two ways: (1) with its Portfolio Review software, Station A can determine the best sites for solar implementation with an address alone, and (2) Station A’s marketplace can facilitate portfolios of any size in sourcing competitive quotes from qualified developers.

With Agendi and Station A’s combined set of offerings, a company can go from an initial idea of “I want to do something about my Scope 2 emissions” to implementation of real-world solutions, including onsite solar, EV charging, battery storage, and community solar.

“By investing in renewables, companies can save money and make significant progress on their overall emissions goals. Station A's platform empowers our clients to find the ideal clean energy solutions and partners to achieve this cost-effectively.”
- Arnaud Brohe, CEO, Agendi

🤌 Take advantage of this partnership today

In the status quo, companies that are looking to decarbonize their footprint have to go to multiple service providers just to get started. With Agendi and Station A’s partnership, a company can frame their electricity emissions reduction strategy, analyze their entire portfolio for onsite clean energy opportunities, and implement the best solution.

As part of this partnership, Agendi will be leveraging Station A’s capabilities to conduct onsite clean energy feasibility studies for its clients. If any of those projects advance, Agendi’s clients can similarly leverage Station A’s marketplace to get competitive proposals from qualified developers to build the projects. In turn, if Station A has clients that need carbon accounting, advisory, and strategy support, such clients can leverage Agendi’s in-house expertise to catalyze their clean energy goals.

If your company wants to learn more about this partnership or work with Agendi and Station A, please feel free to email Station A at or Agendi at For more information, please visit Station A's website or Agendi’s website.

👋 About Station A

Station A is the climate action platform for commercial buildings. We've created the easiest and most cost-effective way to analyze and procure clean energy. Our evaluation tools leverage an AI-powered building evaluation engine that identifies onsite solar, community solar, and EV charging potential based on industry-leading data. Our marketplace gives you comprehensive, price-competitive proposals from the leading clean energy developers in the nation and accommodates various technologies including solar PV, battery storage, and EV charging.

👋 About Agendi

Agendi is a specialist climate and sustainability strategy consulting firm. We serve Fortune 500 organizations across multiple industries to support assessment, planning, action and disclosure across environmental, social and governance topics. Agendi’s global team of best-in-class consultants with extensive experience in carbon accounting, target setting, decarbonization strategy and reporting to leading ESG disclosure frameworks.