🤓 Marketplace Activity

  • 21 MW Originated in Station A's marketplace since 2021
  • 92 Project bids received In Station A's marketplace
  • 7 Markets covered (CA, OR, SC, CT, NY, IL, TX)
  • 0.5-3 MW System size range of projects listed

⚖️ Competitive RFPs

  • 6 Avg # of bids received by an RFP
  • 39 Avg # of times a project’s disclosure package is downloaded
  • 94 Avg # of vetted providers who view an RFP

🎯 Quality Providers

  • 51 GW Experience of bidding providers over the last 3 yrs
  • 0.67 Avg EMR safety rating of bidding providers
  • 14 # of providers that have bid on multiple RFP

🤑 Buyer Saving

  • 59% Avg price difference between highest and lowest 1st-round bids
  • 5% Avg price improvement in the cost from 1st-round to shortlist
  • $668k Amount the avg project saved by running a competitive bidding process

💰 Proposal Pricing

  • $1.93 Median price per watt for rooftop solar pre-ITC in 1st-round bids
  • $2.78 Median price per watt for carport solar pre-ITC in 1st-round bids
  • $0.11 Median PPA per kWh for rooftop solar pre-ITC in 1st-round bids

💪 Tier-1 Technology

  • Top 5 module brands spec’d in bids: Q-Cells, ZnShine, VSUN, Canadian Solar, Boviet
  • Top 3 inverter brands spec’d in bids: Chint, SolarEdge, Solectria

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