Two years ago, we launched Station A with a mission to transition the world to 100% clean energy. Since then, we have made significant progress.

Station A today has built a network of over 1,300 users from every side of a clean energy transaction, modeled solar and storage on over 1,000,000 buildings, identified 350,000 economically-viable clean energy projects (representing $400B in capex), and processed over 100 project quotes.

Building on this foundation, we’re excited to share that we closed our seed round to scale an AI-powered clean energy marketplace, radically transform the way clean energy is bought and sold, and enable a carbon-neutral future faster. We’re proud to now have the support of some of the leading investors and companies in the space:

  • Renewal Funds, an impact and sustainability investor with a strong track record of success and long-term commitment to the space, as the lead
  • Schneider Electric Ventures, Schneider Electric’s corporate venture fund representing one of the leading global energy and industrial automation companies focused on decarbonizing, digitalizing, and decentralizing energy
  • Southern Company, the 3rd largest utility in the U.S. focused on empowering its customers to decarbonize with new energy services
  • Powerhouse Ventures, the only true early stage cleantech investor, who are focused on investing in software to transform the global energy system
  • Howard Wenger, the former President of SunPower, an industry thought leader, and advocate for distributed clean energy

“The Station A Team has developed a world class product, relied on by some of the largest renewable developers in the world to accelerate the development of clean energy projects. They’ve accomplished this with a very small team and have demonstrated the exceptional creativity and resourcefulness we love to back as investors. With these additional resources, we are excited to see what the team can accomplish, fully leveraging their lead in energy data processing and insights to transform clean energy procurement and development.”

Paul Richardson, Managing Partner, Renewal Funds

🔭 Our vision

While clean energy has grown significantly as a proportion of electricity consumption and generation, we’re still only 6% of the way to a clean-powered world. We are poised to enter a new phase of growth driven by cost competitiveness, better customer service, and increased buyer demand for clean energy. However, scaling to satisfy this demand is held back by fragmented data, software, and workflows, non-standard roles and projects, and unequal access to data and insight.

Our vision to create the world’s first clean energy marketplace addresses these problems by standardizing projects, virtualizing transactions, and using ML & AI to enable:

  • Cheaper clean energy faster: Market dynamics will drive costs down faster and make clean energy the most economic option sooner.
  • Cleaner and more resilient grid: Visibility into clean energy options at any location will enable utilities to plan for a cleaner and more resilient electrical grid.
  • Equitable access to clean energy: Transparent information will make clean energy attainable for all building owners, expanding the overall market size.

🌟 What’s next

To achieve our vision, we push our foot further down on the gas (of our EV of course) and focus on our two priorities: people and product. We will start by continuing to build an incredible team. Our strength is combining complementary voices: industry outsiders to challenge the status quo and industry experts to provide deep knowledge and experience. We strive to cultivate a diverse, resilient, impact-driven culture. With this capital, we plan to grow the size of our team right away.

This team will further develop a product that enables anyone to easily power a building with 100% clean energy. We will deploy features that help educate building owners, managers, and occupants on their clean energy options, provide the transparent data necessary to make purchasing decisions, and allow them to connect with our provider network to cleanly power their buildings. We will continue to develop ML & AI technology to make clean energy accessible and scalable. This approach is even more relevant in the post-COVID-19 reality, where projects require remote work to move forward.

🙏 Thank you

Most importantly, we owe our gratitude and appreciation to all of our supporters who continue to enable our success, including:

  • Our families and friends, who have supported us in the cleantech start-up life
  • Our customers (our favorite investors), who grow and evolve our business with us
  • Our investors, who support and advocate for us
  • Our Board, who hold us accountable, keep us on track, and encourage our success
  • Our lawyers, accountants, and other advisors who consistently look out for our interests

Power up,

Kevin, Jeremy, and Manos