WattTime, a leading environmental tech nonprofit, and Station A, the US’s leading clean energy marketplace, are partnering to help organizations increase the avoided emissions impact of on-site solar and procure on-site solar at scale.

🔓 Marketplace access for WattTime’s clients

As a Station A partner, WattTime and its clients will have access to the US’s leading clean energy marketplace, which includes over 2,000+qualified providers.

Station A digitizes and automates the entire clean energy procurement process so that buyers can simply focus on selecting the best-value provider for their needs. If any buyer needs help identifying the best site for a clean energy project, Station A’s technology can analyze and grade any commercial building for its clean energy potential given just a street address.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Station A in empowering organizations to select the highest impact sites for on-site solar. Comparing the avoided emissions benefit of potential solar projects represents a key decision-making tool that will enable Station A’s buyers to achieve even more authentic environmental impact.” David Younan-Montgomery, Partnerships Manager at WattTime

🌟 Avoided emissions analysis for Station A’s buyers

Station A’s buyers can also leverage WattTime’s avoided emissions analysis to target on-site solar projects that have the largest impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

WattTime’s avoided emissions analysis hinges on the fact that renewable energy projects have a greater impact on greenhouse gas emissions reductions in fossil fuel-heavy states by displacing non-renewable fuel sources. For instance, WattTime reports that new renewables of any kind in the Midwest results in 2.5x more avoided emissions than new solar in California. The practice of prioritizing avoided emissions amongst site selection criteria for new renewables is what WattTime refers to as “emissionality.”

“WattTime’s emissionality analysis is especially important for clean energy buyers that want to maximize their emissions reduction impact. Station A is very excited to leverage WattTime’s emissionality analysis and help WattTime’s clients analyze and procure on-site solar at scale.”

Richard Ling, Partnerships at Station A

 👋 Want to become a Station A Partner?

Station A is a one-stop-shop to analyze and procure clean energy at scale. We partner with organizations that want to leverage our analytical or procurement capabilities for themselves or their clients. To learn more about partnering with Station A, click on this link or contact partners@stationa.com.

🏭 About WattTime

WattTime is an environmental tech nonprofit that empowers all people, companies, policymakers, and countries to slash emissions and choose cleaner energy. Founded by UC Berkeley researchers, we develop data-driven tools and policies that increase environmental and social good. During the energy transition from a fossil-fueled past to a zero-carbon future, WattTime ‘bends the curve’ of emissions reductions to realize deeper, faster benefits for people and the planet.

🚀 About Station A

Station A is the US’s leading clean energy marketplace for commercial buildings. Founded in 2018, Station A is commercial real estate’s one-stop-shop to analyze and procure clean energy. Station A’s platform helps real estate decision makers instantly grade their buildings, find the best clean energy project opportunities, get competitive offers from qualified providers, and track their journey to zero-emissions in a transparent and all-digital way.

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