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1:30 What led you to pursue renewable energy at your properties?
2:30 What makes the economics of renewables compelling for your business?
5:30 What was your experience with solar before working with Station A?

How did you initially identify a solar provider to work with?

8:50 What was the project onboarding process like?
10:30 How did you compare your options to select a provider?
12:30 What valuable lessons have you learned about doing a solar project?
14:30 Will you continue to do onsite solar on your properties and why?
15:30 What advice do you have for property owners interested in solar?
17:20 How would you get started with a new solar project?

Station A's tech-enabled process helps you easily find and source your best options for going solar.  

Enter an address on to view a building’s Clean Energy Grade. Your building’s grade will include a report card with the clean energy options available to you as well as financing options to support them. Tap the “GO GREEN” button to receive your clean energy buyer’s guide with information about how to take the next step in sourcing your clean energy solution through Station A’s Clean Energy Marketplace.