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1:30 What is NEM 3.0?
2:05 What is "Avoided Cost"?
3:05 How will avoided cost be calculated?
4:10 What‘s the price difference between NEM 2.0 and NEM 3.0 exported energy?
5:10 What will be the main outcome of NEM 3.0?
5:57 Will every commercial solar project now require storage to pencil?
7:00 How can we mitigate the impacts of NEM 3.0?
8:30 Will increasing utility rates support solar deployment?
10:50 Do you anticipate solar or storage incentives?
11:50 If I miss the NEM 3.0 deadline, what are my options? 
13:05 How can I understand the cost of adding storage to my system?
14:50 Who are the losers and winners with NEM 3.0?  
17:00 What’s your outlook for the California solar market? 
19:05 What’s in store for the future of Net Metering Policy? 
20:00 What will be the key outcomes from NEM 3.0?

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