Beach Cities, an education-based solar consulting firm for large businesses and corporations, and Station A, the US’s leading clean energy marketplace, are partnering to help Beach Cities’ clients analyze and procure solar, storage, and electric vehicle charging using Station A’s analytical engine and Marketplace.

🔓 Access to the largest network in clean energy

Through this partnership, Beach Cities can help any client procure solar, EV charging, battery storage, and more via Station A’s network of 2,000+ qualified providers. Station A digitizes and automates the entire clean energy procurement process so that Beach Cities’ clients can simply focus on selecting the best-value provider for their needs. If Beach Cities’ clients need help identifying the best options for a clean energy project, Station A’s technology can analyze and grade any commercial building for its clean energy potential given just a street address.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Station A to deliver our commercial, industrial, agricultural, and corporate clients across the country a streamlined and efficient RFP process that will accelerate their corporate sustainability goals and benefit their financial bottom line. Leveraging Station A’s vast nationwide provider network ensures the best project pricing for our clients from pre-qualified vendors.”

James Kennedy, Founder & President at Beach Cities Solar Consulting

👋 Want to become a Station A Partner?

Station A is a one-stop-shop to analyze and procure clean energy at scale. We partner with organizations that want to leverage our analytical or procurement capabilities for themselves or their clients. To learn more about partnering with Station A, click on this link or contact

🏖️ About Beach Cities Consulting

Beach Cities Solar Consulting is committed to making your transition to solar energy and storage seamless. They’ve helped dozens of businesses in California transition to solar and storage technology, helping them save millions in lifetime energy costs, while adding more value to their properties and making our planet a safer place for posterity.

🚀 About Station A

Station A is the US’s leading clean energy marketplace for commercial buildings. Founded in 2018, Station A is commercial real estate’s one-stop-shop to analyze and procure clean energy. Station A’s platform helps real estate decision makers instantly grade their buildings, find the best clean energy project opportunities, get competitive offers from qualified providers, and track their journey to zero-emissions in a transparent and all-digital way.